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We are the coaches who have created SuperMovers, with over 30 years of tennis-specific and strength and conditioning experience between us, our expertise can help you become the best tennis athlete possible. Find out more about us here.


Listen to podcasts that we have featured in and learn more about our training philosophies and methods.

Tennis Speed Show – with Howard Green

Listen to podcasts that we have featured in and learn more about our training philosophies and methods.

Athlete Development Show – with Simon Brundish

‘Move like a SuperHero’
ADS 059: Simon Brundish – Move Like a Superhero My guest on the show today is Simon Brundish (@SimonBrundish).

Athletic Evolution Podcast – with Howard Green

‘Lessons from the Royal Marines’. In this episode Howard discusses: How his background in the high…

Athletic Evolution Podcast – with Simon Brundish

‘Physical Literacy for SuperHeroes’
In this episode Simon Brundish, Founder of StrengthLab and creator Superheroes..

Beyond the Swing Podcast – with Howard Green

‘Coordination, Fundamental Movement Skills + Shapes and Creating an Elite Tennis Culture’

  • What are the fundamental movements young players need to lay the foundation for future athletic + sporting success?

My Tennis Journey Podcast- with Howard Green

‘The Tennis SuperMovers Mission to Get Kids Active

You’ve only got to read this quote from Howard Green, who is one of the UK’s leading Strength and Conditioning (S&C) coaches to understand the Tennis SuperMovers Mission to get kids active! 

The Adam Blicher Show: Dissecting High Performance In Tennis Podcast – with Howard Green

‘Stand out, but don’t burn out’

In this episode you are going to listen to Howard Green. Howard spent six years in the Royal Marines Commandos. 

The Service Box: Entry 59 – Howard Green 

‘Marine Commando to Supermovers’

This journal entry brings you former Marine Commando, Howard Green.

  • Howard left the marines and ventured into the world of strength and conditioning. Shortly after, he was attracted by the chaotic nature of tennis.
  • Over the last 11 years he has built a brilliant reputation in the tennis world and now leads the fitness programme at Bolton Arena, England.


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