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Don’t Let Pre-Match Chaos Sabotage Your Game

I’ve got to let you know about something that unfolded right before my eyes yesterday at the tournament being hosted at my academy. It’s a lesson that might just change the way you think about pre-match prep forever.

I was coaching one of my tennis players under the balcony, because all the courts were being used for the tournament. As we were completing some speed work, I notice a scene unfolding that was tense as a tie-breaker.

I saw a young player and his Dad warming up for an upcoming match. The Dad was pulling out all sorts of new warm-up drills from up his sleeve, the problem was, it was clear the player was not familiar with the exercises.

The frustration was obvious on the Dad face, and the players execution – let’s just say it wouldn’t make the highlight reel. The stress was cranking up like the tension on a freshly strung racquet.

Seeing this, I walked over with some of my trusty gear and offered it up, hoping to ease the tension. Despite the assist, this well-meaning parent kept piling on unfamiliar drills, each one increasing the players anxiety levels. Certainly not the best menial preparation.

When it comes to warming up for a match, the secret isn’t in last-minute heroics or fancy new drills. No, it’s about the familiarity of a well-rehearsed routine. 

It’s your pre-game dance, the rhythm that sets your tempo, and gets those muscles primed with precision.

Think of it like your favourite pump-up song. You know the beat, the lyrics by heart, and it never fails to get you mentally prepared.

That’s what your warm-up should be – a familiar tune that your body knows and loves, a routine that signals to your body, “It’s go-time”

Imagine stepping onto the court, your heart rate just right, muscles singing in tune, and your mind is focused. That’s the power of a perfected warm-up routine.

That why I want to provide you with a proven performance boosting warm-up routine for you to learn, and the best thing, it’s completely free.

I will introduce, explain and demonstrate all of the exercises, so you a super clear on how to preform them. It will enhance your Strength, Movement, Agility, Stability and Coordination.

It’s a routine that I use with all my junior players to help them win more matches and become harder to beat.

No more guesswork, no more pre-game panic. Just you, your game, and a warm-up that sets the stage for victory.

So, what’s it going to be? More of the same old stress-fest? Or are you ready to step up your game with a routine that’s as familiar as the grip on your racquet?

Make the smart play. Click the link below, learn the moves, and bring a level of confidence to your next tournament that’ll leave your opponent’s wondering what your secret is.

Set yourself up for victory

Remember, every point starts before the ball is in play. Make sure it starts right.

Your fitness coach – Howard

P.S. This routine isn’t just for players; it’s perfect for parents who want to support their champs without the pre-match drama. Don’t wait – grab this game-changer now!



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