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Tennis SuperMovers

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Get early access to the new and improved Player Programme, all recorded on the Tennis court!

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Who is Howard Green?

I’m a tennis-specific fitness coach with over 12 years of experience, I’m the head of Athletic Development at one of the top academies in the UK.

I have worked with 100’s of junior athletes, many of whom are Top 10 in their age groups and win National and International level tournaments.

In addition to this, I have worked on the WTA Tour with Grand Slam winners, including Ana Ivanovic (former World Number 1, French Open winner), Naomi Broady and Heather Watson (Wimbledon Mixed Doubles winner).


I have taken all of this practical experience and professional knowledge to bring you this game-changing programme that will revolutionise your on-court movement and tennis-fitness. Let me help you take your first steps on your tennis athlete journey!

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Other features of the Programme!


Sessions are built based on the movement demands of tennis, we complete sessions designed to improve Forward & Back, Side to Side and Multi-Directional Movement.


In every session we use the SMASH Curriculum, addressing all element to become the tennis athlete you’ve always wanted to be. We work on Strength, Movement, Agility, Stability and Honing Coordination Skills.


You will be able to create stronger tennis positions, have better spatial awareness, be able to move with speed and intensity, be on balance for every shot and have a huge tool-box of skills.


A 12-month progressive programme that will take you through three phases of training – Fundamental Phase, Foundation Phase and Movement Mastery Phase.


Videos are filmed in a way that players of any age can workout without supervision from a parent or coach – Howard will coach the player on how to complete the movement via introduction, explanation and demonstration.


Players can learn to take Ownership of their fitness training by being accountable and filling in provided homework sheet and are rewarded for their efforts with a certificate at the end of every Level.


This completely FREE guide will teach you the 5 steps to tennis fitness success.

If you want to move quicker, hit harder, last longer and recover faster, then download the guide now.