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If you want to be quicker and more agile around the court to reach difficult balls? Need to be more balanced on your shots? Want better coordination to have a higher level of tennis skills? Then the SuperMovers Player Programme is the answer!

About the Programme

Click on the video below to learn everything you need to know about the Player Progarmme

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About the Programme?

Click on the video below to learn everything you need to know about the Player Progarmme

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Programmes based on Tennis On-Court Movement: 

Forward-Backward, Side-to-Side and Multi-Direction

Sessions include the SMASH curriculum:

Strength, Movement, Agility, Stability and Honing Coordination

Programmes written by fitness experts with 35 years of combined experience:

Forward-Backward, Side-to-Side and Multi-Direction

Progressive Programming:

Pre-written session plans, allowing you to train 3-6 times per week, that are progressed via variation and intensity

All sessions are ‘Play and Train’:

You simply press play and you are taken through a fully coached session, following your coach rep for rep, making it super simple to follow.

Watch, Learn & Follow Sessions:

(25-35min) – In these videos, every exercise explained and demoed, these are used for the first 3 weeks, so you understand why you are doing each exercises and maximise skill development.

Workout Sessions:

(20-25min) – These are slightly shorter videos as you now know the why behind the exercises, now you can concentrate on getting a great tennis-specific workout.

Warm Up Sessions:

(10min) – A single set of every exercise creates a perfect pre-tennis routine, that you can complete to make sure you are truly ready for your tennis sessions.

Brand new content:

Drops every 30 days including extra sessions for Core, Footwork, and Interval Training.


📱 Online virtual training sessions with world renowned tennis fitness coach Howard Green, easily accessible via your laptop, tablet or phone

🗓️ 12-months worth of physical training, formulated in a progressive training programme to perfect your on-court movement.

💻 Access to the private online SuperMovers community where you can celebrate, share progress with players around the world, ask advice, take part in monthly challenges and watch our webinars

🎉 Celebrate your success as a Tennis SuperMover with a certificate for every level you complete

🎾 Additional content to perfect your training: Including a tailored Strokes and Serve resistance band training routine, a tennis-specific nutrition webinar, plus more to be released

Make Howard Green your new tennis fitness coach today!

I’m a tennis-specific fitness coach with over 12 years of experience, I’m the head of Athletic Development at one of the top academies in the UK.

I have worked with 100’s of junior athletes, many of whom are Top 10 in their age groups and win National and International level tournaments.

In addition to this, I have worked on the WTA Tour with Grand Slam winners, including Ana Ivanovic (former World Number 1, French Open winner), Naomi Broady and Heather Watson (Wimbledon Mixed Doubles winner).


I have taken all of this practical experience and professional knowledge to bring you this game-changing programme that will revolutionise your on-court movement and tennis-fitness. Let me help you take your first steps on your tennis athlete journey!

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  • Virtual physical training with Howard Green: Access world-class training with Howard Green in these virtual video sessions. The sessions have been recorded for you as he would deliver them to an individual or group at the tennis academy. Sessions focus on the movement demands of tennis and are designed to exclusively improve your Forward & Back, Side to Side and Multi-Directional movements.
  • Real-time coaching: Each session is a pre-recorded video, using the ‘real-time coaching method’, where you will follow instructions and complete exercises rep by rep with coaching guidance from Howard Green. This means players of any age can work out without supervision from a parent or coach. Howard will coach the player clearly on how to complete the movement via introduction, explanation and demonstration of all new exercises, and ensure technique reinforcement throughout the videos.

  • SMASH your tennis goals – In every session we follow the SMASH curriculum – the fundamental exercises that work on refining your Strength, Movement, Agility, Stability and Honing Coordination skills. By mastering these exercises, you will be able to create stronger tennis positions, have better spatial awareness, be able to move with speed and intensity, be on balance for every shot and have a huge tool-box of skills.

  • Your journey to on-court success – You will spend four weeks learning and mastering exercises, then you will challenge these movements in a two-week Fitness Block. Here sessions focus on boosting your tennis-fitness levels with Footwork, High Intensity Interval Training and Core & Stability sessions. Each six-week cycle is one complete level of the Player Programme.


  • Level up your tennis: There are 10 Levels to complete in total; a minimum 12-month progressive programme that will take you through a three-phase tennis-fitness journey      

          1. Fundamental Phase

          2. Foundation Phase

          3. Movement Mastery Phase

  • Celebrate your success and efforts – For every level you complete, you will receive an official Tennis SuperMovers Certificate. 

Check out our

 Player Programme!

Click the link below to see the programme in action

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Checkout our

 Player Programme!

Click the link below to see the programme in action

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Start your tennis fitness journey to becoming a faster, fitter more skilful player, capable of winning more matches from only £3.44 per week



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The exercises and drills are relevant for all ages of tennis player. Commonly used in the UK in Mini Red Fitness Sessions, all the way through to the U18 Squads. Howard Green personally uses them with all his players, as well as the professional players I support, including Heather Watson.

Sessions last 20-30min, so are very easy to add into your player’s schedule and routines. The recommended frequency is 2-3 times per week. If completing 3 times per week, then it would take you

12 months to complete the programme, if only 2 sessions, then this will take longer, but is just as beneficial.

The only equipment you need is a tennis ball and, if you have them, some cones (approx 8), if you don’t have cones, you can use anything as markers such as more tennis balls, shoes or rolled up socks. I do have some cones available, so I give you some for free when you sign up.

If your player is a little older and already doing strength work and their technique is good, then they can add some resistance to the strength exercises with a medicine ball or some dumbbells.

Players will be provided with a progress tracker to track the sessions they have completed, This is prompted every time they watch a session. They also are told exactly how many times to do each session and when to progress to the next stage. In addition to this, each time they complete a Level they will be rewarded with a certificate.

The sessions can be watched on a laptop, tablet, phone or can be connected to a TV if available. You will be prompted to download the Kajabi App so that you can easily access the content anytime, anywhere.

No, the content has been filmed in ‘real time’ so the player follows Howard’s coaching rep by rep. They will be very clear on how to do the exercises as I introduce, explain and demo every new exercise, as well as reinforce the coaching points as we go along.

We have created a brand-new Private Community Group. We will set monthly challenges and provide parent/player education. Players will have the option to post their progress trackers each week to

boost accountability, as well as interacting with other players from around the world. They will also be able to ask questions.

No, you don’t, but it is the cheapest way to purchase the programme. An Annual Subscription is already 25% cheaper at £14.99 vs a Monthly Subscription at £19.99 than paying each month


This completely FREE guide will teach you the 5 steps to tennis fitness success.

If you want to move quicker, hit harder, last longer and recover faster, then download the guide now.