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The Turning Point: From Reluctant Trainee to Fitness Dynamo

I’d like to tell you about a massive win I had with an inconsistent player, it’s a story that might have a big impact on your own player’s training approach.

So, picture this: I’m a seasoned tennis fitness coach, and I’ve seen all sorts of players., from the naturally gifted to the hard grafters, but there was this one player—a talent, no doubt, but they just wouldn’t stick to their at-home fitness sessions. 

There I am, crafting in-depth workouts, thinking I’m the Patrick Mouratoglou of tennis fitness and this player would come in with every excuse in the book. You know the type—’My dog ate the resistance bands,’ ‘The neighbours complained about the medicine ball thuds.’ 

I could’ve blamed the player, or even questioned my coaching skills. But no, in the face of adversity, we innovate, right? So, there I was, thinking of solutions, when it hit me – ownership. The player needed to owntheir fitness journey.

Fast forward and I introduced a Fitness Progress Tracking Sheet. Simple? Yes. Effective? Like a Alcaraz backhand down the line. This wasn’t just a piece of paper; it was a declaration of commitment, a tangible track record of sweat and hard work.

I laid it out – every session would be checked off as it was completed. Something clicked. Seeing those empty boxes, waiting to be filled, sparked a fire in the player. Suddenly, the excuses dried up faster than a rain-soaked clay court in the Spanish sun.

It’s been weeks, and those homework sheets are filling up like a Grand Slam trophy cabinet. The transformation? Mind-blowing. The player is smashing their fitness goals, and I’m now a proud coach.

So, here’s the lesson guys: empower your players. Give them the tools to take charge, and they’ll build the discipline that no amount of pushing could instil. It’s about creating a partnership in their progress, making them accountable, and letting them see the fruits of their labour.

It’s for this reason that the new and improved Player Programme includes the Progress Tracker Sheet, allowing players to become accountable, and take more ownership of their tennis fitness journey.

Each time they complete a session the player ticks it off, giving a sense of satisfaction, it also shows a clear map of the sessions still to be completed to progress to the next Level.

That sheet can then be photographed and uploaded to the Private SuperMovers Community group to show other players from around the world about their progress, this further builds a sense of accomplishment.

Another new addition to the programme is a SuperMovers Certificate that players receive every time they complete a Level. This is to reward them for their hard work and dedication of becoming a better tennis athlete step by step.

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Remember, every champion was once a contender who refused to give up. Let’s make sure you and your players are the ones holding the trophies.

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