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Imagine a half-term break unlike any other, where players from every corner of the UK converge on a single mission: to unlock their true athletic potential on the tennis court.

Last week, I had the distinct pleasure of welcoming a host of young talents to my academy, each one eager for a transformative experience. These players, accompanied by their insightful parents, sought out my expertise after hearing a common refrain: “Technically, they’re brilliant, but their movement is holding them back.”

Parents and players alike were united by this singular challenge. Through the power of Instagram, these conversations turned into action, culminating in a bespoke movement assessment for each player at my academy.

Here is an example of a message one parent sent me ahead of the session, “My daughter is 10 and plays in LTA tournaments. Her technical and attacking skills are quite good, and I don’t say this because I’m her Dad, but because parents and coaches come to me after every match to tell me how impressed they are with her tennis. 

However, her movement on court is pulling her back. Her agility, speed and strength are a bit behind compared to the girls she’s competing with. Finding your Instagram profile was like a revelation as I feel like what you do is exactly what she needs.”

As a tennis fitness coach, I’ve seen it all. Coaches are inundated with teaching an array of strokes and serves, but it’s the development of the athlete that is sometimes inadvertently sidelined. Tennis isn’t just about technique; it’s about embodying athleticism—speed, power, agility, balance, and fitness. Without these, even the most refined technique may falter.

Consider the journey through the mini tennis system—players progress from Red to Orange, and Orange to Green. With each transition, the game intensifies, the court expands, and the ball gets quicker. While coaches wisely introduce the next ball colour to finesse technique, the critical enhancement of movement skills is often overlooked.

That’s where my SuperMovers Player Programme makes its grand entrance. Designed to forge tennis champions, this programme is not just about winning matches or being a formidable opponent; it’s about ensuring that movement never becomes the reason a player leaves the sport.

We delve deep into the essence of tennis athleticism, developing Strength for robust on-court postures, Agility for rapid multi-directional movements, and Stability for balanced precision, regardless of shot complexity.

And the results? They’re unmistakable. Players emerge from the SuperMovers Player Programme as full-fledged tennis athletes, ready to conquer larger courts, chase down faster balls, and execute flawless footwork.

Now it’s your turn to make a pivotal decision for your player. Are you ready to elevate their game from impressive to unstoppable? To transform their potential into tangible, on-court prowess?

If your heart screams “Yes!”, then it’s time to act. Join the ranks of the dedicated, the transformed, the victorious. Embark on the journey with the Tennis SuperMovers Player Programme.


Let’s shatter the boundaries of what you thought was possible. Let’s cultivate athletes who not only play the game but redefine it with every match.

Your journey to tennis greatness starts now. Are you in?

With dedication to every step, leap, and sprint on the court, 


And if you want to check out my Instagram, here’s my handle @howardgreensupermovers

P.S. Remember, champions aren’t born; they’re built. It starts with a commitment to turn potential into prowess, step by athletic step. Click now and let’s make every match a testament to your player’s transformation.



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