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Don’t Let September Serve Up Injuries!

Picture it – it’s September 2024, and the tennis courts are buzzing with excitement. Rackets are swinging, balls are flying, and the air is thick with anticipation. 

But here’s the kicker – overeager coaches and PE teachers often jump the gun, eager to get their players back to sport. 

The result? A spike in injuries that leaves young tennis stars sidelined, their dreams of tournament glory fading faster than a weak second serve.

As a tennis fitness coach, I’ve seen this scene play out year after year. It’s like clockwork – summer’s been a whirlwind of tournaments, family holidays, and unpredictable training schedules, and when September rolls around, everyone’s chomping at the bit to get back into the swing of things. 

But the harsh reality is that this recipe for disaster often leads straight to injury.

Here’s the deal – it’s time to take control of your tennis destiny and avoid the dreaded “September Slump.” Introducing the SuperMovers Summer Challenge, your secret weapon against the annual tennis tragedy.

This isn’t just another training program. Oh no, it’s your personal Grand Slam preparation, designed to keep you match-fit all summer long. By following our structured training throughout those summer days, you’ll be priming your body for upcoming tournaments and the new academic year.

Picture two possible Septembers: 

Scenario A, where you’re sluggish, rusty, and more prone to injury than a wobbly tennis ball, spending more time with the physio than on the court. 

Or Scenario B, where you stride onto the court, confidence oozing from every pore, your body tuned like a well-oiled machine, ready to take on whatever challenges the new season serves up. While others are nursing injuries, you’re racking up wins and turning heads.

Which scenario sounds better to you? I thought so.

The Challenge is prefect for players of all levels and ages, and includes:

  • Access to The Tennis SuperMovers Player Programme, with sessions designed for mastering on-court footwork, we develop movement Forward & Back, Side to Side and Multi-Direction.
  • Every session uses our SMASH Framework, which develops the player improve their Strength, Movement, Agility, Stability and Honing Coordination Skills.
  • You’ll also boost your tennis-specific fitness via or High Intensity Interval Training, and dedicated session for Footwork and Core & Stability.
  • Every week for 6 weeks there will be a brand-new Challenge, testing out your speed, skills and coordination.
  • You’ll be able to take on the world, by submitting your challenge results and chasing the top of a Leader board published weekly.
  • Connect directly with the coaches, support your fellow competitors, and join LIVE fitness sessions in our dedicated Community Group.

So, here’s my challenge to you: Don’t let September catch you off guard. The SuperMovers Summer Challenge is your ticket to an injury-free, victory-filled Autumn season, your future self will thank you when you’re hoisting that trophy instead of an ice pack.

Don’t let injuries derail your tennis dreams, the ball’s in your court now – what are you going to do with it?

Check out this video with behind the scenes look at the Challenge – 

Howard – Tennis Fitness Coach & Injury Prevention Enthusiast

P.S. Remember, in tennis and in life, preparation is key. The SuperMovers Summer Challenge isn’t just a program – it’s your secret weapon for tennis domination. 

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