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Can you feel the excitement in the air? Wimbledon is just around the corner! 🌟 As we gear up to watch the pros battle it out on the prestigious grass courts, it’s a great reminder of how crucial training is for aspiring young players.

At Tennis SuperMovers, we believe every child has the potential to move like a pro. And what better time to focus on their training than when the world’s best players are putting their skills on display?

This week, we’re closing off with a focus on the five key components that every tennis superstar masters: Strength, Movement, Agility, Stability, and Coordination. These elements are the foundation of our training program and the secrets to success on the court.

💪 Strength: Building muscle strength helps your child hit those powerful serves and groundstrokes. It’s all about generating the power they need to dominate the game.

🏃 Movement: Efficient movement is crucial for covering the court quickly. Our drills are designed to help your young athletes glide effortlessly, just like their favorite Wimbledon stars.

🌀 Agility: Quick directional changes and the ability to react instantly can make or break a match. We focus on improving agility so your child can outmaneuver any opponent.

🧘 Stability: Maintaining balance during fast-paced rallies is essential. Our exercises enhance stability, helping your child stay composed and ready for the next shot.

🔄 Honing Coordination: Hand-eye coordination is key to making accurate shots. We incorporate fun activities that improve coordination, ensuring your child can handle any ball coming their way.

Wimbledon is a perfect time to inspire and motivate your young tennis players. Imagine them training with the same dedication as the pros, building the skills that will set them apart on the court. 

The Tennis SuperMovers Player Programme is designed to bring out the best in your kids, making training both fun and effective.

In light of Wimbledon being around the corner, I am giving you a 15% discount. All you have to do is use the code WIMBLEDON15 at checkout or click the link below.

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As a teaser into what our program is all about, we have an exclusive guide, “Mastering the Side-to-Side Movement”, that highlights some of the essential drills and exercises we use to enhance these critical skills. 

Get a sneak peek and see how our program can transform your child’s game. Click the link below to download the guide and start your journey with Tennis SuperMovers!

Guide to Mastering The Side-to-Side Movement

Let’s make this Wimbledon season not just about watching greatness but creating it within our young athletes!

Cheers to a fantastic week ahead and happy training!

Warm regards,

Your Coach and Ally on the court


Don’t forget to use the code WIMBLEDON15 at checkout

The Tennis SuperMovers Player Programme

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