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Exercise of the Week 11 - Trouble Shooting the Lunge

Exercise of the Week 11 – Trouble Shooting the Lunge

Find out here how to master the lunge for tennis players of all ages and abilities.

The lunge pattern is one of the most common integrated tennis shapes that all players must be able to master for all surfaces, however, during the grass court season this is even more important.

Grass courts are particularly fast and the ball bounces low. The lower bounce demands greater bending in the legs. Increased speed and explosive power are also needed to get to the ball faster. Due to these conditions, players can experience:

  • Painful glute (buttock) muscles and hamstrings due to the low bounce.
  • Low back niggles due to reaching for the ball rather than bending the knees.
  • Knee pain due to sudden stopping and the low bounce.

These issues can be overcome by rehearsing the key exercises that underpin this movement pattern. In this video I show some of the common faults you may see in your players, along with a variety of exercises to master the movement.

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