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Tennis SuperMovers Mission Statement

Tennis SuperMovers Mission Statement

I am going to be presenting at the upcoming TBD Tennis Innovation Week online conference – 

Throughout my career I’ve been lucky to present at a number of conferences both online and in-person, as well as running my own annual events, with a highlight being presenting at the Grand Slam coaches conference in Australia.

Fernando Segal Alem, who is running the TBD event, is bringing together innovators, creators and developers who are producing products and services that are transforming the tennis industry.

In my presentations I will always touch on my professional experiences, coaching and programming philosophies and the underpinning ‘why’ of Tennis SuperMovers. However, within this blog, I also want to outline to you what it is we want to achieve with SuperMovers and how we will be going about it. Below, I outline our ‘MOST’ business plan – which stands for Mission, Objectives, Strategies and Tactics.


Our Mission Statement is:

Bring World-Class Tennis Fitness to Under 12 Players Anytime, Anywhere


Our Objectives are:

  • Enable Tennis Coaches, Parents and Players to access world class tennis fitness to improve on-court performance and reduce the risk of Injury
  • Remove poor movement as the barrier to life-long participation in tennis
  • Engage, Educate and Empower Tennis Coaches, Parents and Players on the importance of long-term athlete development


The Strategies we will use are:

  • Create a curriculum-based programme that promotes the mastery of the fundamentals of on-court movement
  • Introduce the concept of the Integrated Tennis Shapes – these are the most important movements that underpin on-court performance


The Tactics to deliver these are:

  • Develop a platform that simplifies the process of players learning and mastering movement
  • Make the programme accessible at all times
  • Allows completion either at home or on the court
  • Provide a real-time coaching experience


I hope me sharing our MOST plan here gives you a better understanding of what we want to achieve with Tennis SuperMovers. And if you’re not already, we want you to come on our journey too, so we are offering you a special offer of 30% off our SuperMovers At Home Programme, use the code MISSON30 to get 30% off our monthly or annual subscription – head to –

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