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Exercise of the Week 14 - Mobility Drill - Spiderman

Exercise of the Week 14 – Mobility Drill – Spiderman

This week’s video gives you a sneak peek of the warm up we use with our performance players. The content follows a format called the RAMP warm up, this stands for Raise, Activate, Mobilise, Potentiate.

The goal of each section is:

Raise – heart rate and body temperature

Activate – the key muscles

Mobilise – the key joints

Potentiate – put simply, we want to ‘fire up’ the body and brain.

With the summer competitive season starting, it’s really important players are completing good pre-tennis RAMP warm-ups. This week we focus on one drill in the mobilise section. With this drill we work on hip and upper back mobility, both of which are vital for tennis players.

Add this drill in after completing some locomotor patterns across the court (jog, backpedal, side-step, skip, etc). Follow with some key fundamental movement patterns, such as lunges, and finish with some jumps, sprints, decelerations and changes of direction.

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