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How to prep like a boss for tournaments

How to prep like a boss for tournaments

As I’m due to head down to the National Tennis Centre this weekend to support some of my junior players at National Junior Club League Finals, I thought it would be a timely post for coaches and parents to offer my top three tips on prepping before tournaments.

1. Physical training – It is important not to over do pre-tournament physical training and hitting sessions. My top tip is to complete a physical session focussing on speed and agility the day before the competition to ensure their movement is sharp and fast. Each session should include high intensity drills, but low volume with lots of rest. Our Tennis SuperMovers programme is ideal, with easy access to the lesson plans and videos on your phone, we can be with you whenever you need us. For more information on our current offers, click here.

2. Food prep – Teaching players how to fuel their bodies properly for match play has long been a hot topic – sugar may help during match play to boost energy short-term, but eating well-balanced meals will always win long-term and enhance performance and recovery. My top tip pre-tournament is to make sure players are eating carbohydrates for energy and protein to repair muscle and don’t forget – staying hydrated throughout is key. At Bolton Arena where I run the S&C programme, we encourage players to take responsibility for this area of their performance – always bring a water bottle and snack to training.

3. Have fun – In junior tennis it can be easy for players to get overwhelmed with the pressure – being away from home, or in a new place, wanting a win for their parents and coach, all add up to a lot. But it’s important that we encourage younger players to have fun and enjoy their competitions, even if they don’t win them all! My top tip is to always get players to reflect on their matches and find some positive learning experiences they can take away and use for next time. Having a positive attitude really does make all the difference to how they approach their tennis careers, as well as maintaining good mental health. 

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