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Yesterday, I had a courtside conversation that might just be the game-changer for your junior player.

Picture this: the tennis courts were buzzing with the sounds of players working hard and the sight of determination on their faces, chasing down every ball.

Amid this, a concerned parent approached me with questions about their child’s physical training programme.

“Howard,” they began, “How do we sharpen my kid’s edge to not just play, but to dominate on the court?”

“It’s all about the SMASH Framework,” I explained, “Strength, Movement, Agility, Stability, and Honing Coordination Skills – these are the pillars that will elevate your child’s game to new heights.”

Strength, I stressed, is the foundation. It’s about creating those strong tennis shapes that allow players to produce more power on their shots and reduce the risk of injury. Think of it as the foundations of a building – providing a platform from which to build all physical qualities.

Movement is the art of spatial awareness – the ability to track the opponent, the ball, and one’s position on the court. It’s about being in the right place at the right time, as if by instinct.

Agility – that’s the spark. The ability to move with speed and intensity, reacting to an opponent’s shots with a dancer’s rhythm and a sprinter’s intensity. It’s the explosive energy that turns a good player into a great one.

Stability is about developing strong roots in the ground. With exercises that enhance both static and dynamic balance, players can handle shots of varying difficulty with the poise of a seasoned pro.

And finally, Honing Coordination Skills is about mastering a toolbox of movements, developing the ability to learn and execute a diverse array of strokes and shots. It’s the finesse that separates the players from the champions.

The parent’s eyes widened as they envisioned their child mastering each element of the SMASH Framework. “But how do we put this into practice?” they asked.

“That’s where the SuperMovers Player Programme comes in,” I replied.

With my specialised training program, I’ll guide your child through each component, ensuring they become not just players, but well-rounded tennis athletes.

We’ll build their strength, sharpen their movement, enhance their agility, solidify their stability, and perfect their coordination.

It’s a comprehensive approach that prepares them to win more matches and be harder to beat.

The conversation ended with a handshake and a promise – a promise to embark on a training journey that would sculpt a tennis champion.

Now, I’m extending that promise to you. If you’re ready to see your child transform, to watch them out-manoeuvre, outplay, and outlast their opponents, then it’s time to embrace the SMASH Framework.

No more uncertainty, no more wondering if you’re doing enough. With this program, you’ll fuel your child’s passion for tennis and give them the tools to succeed.

They’ll stride onto the court with newfound confidence and a comprehensive skill-set that will have competitors on the back foot from the get-go.

Are you ready to make the commitment to your child’s tennis future? To witness their growth and celebrate their victories?

Join me, and together, let’s craft the champions of tomorrow.

Best, your dedicated tennis fitness coach,

  • Howard

P.S. The journey to greatness starts with a single step – and this is yours. Don’t let another match slip by without giving your child the advantage they deserve. Let’s SMASH it!

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