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I’ve got a story to share that unfolded recently and made me rethink the whole warm-up game. 

I was at the academy, nice and early shooting some new content for the SuperMovers Programme.

On the court next to me I spotted a young player and his mum completing a warm-up prior to them doing some hitting. 

The mum was introducing a variety of new drills they had found on social media.

The only hitch? It was evident the player was not familiar with these exercises.

It was clear the parent was getting frustrated with their player, as their performance did not match the Instagram Reel she was using.

This is where one of my favourite sayings comes into play “Context is KING!

The problem with randomly selecting drills from the internet is that you may not be clear on the exact purpose of the exercises, you may not know the coaching points that teach you the correct technique. 

And there’s a very good chance it’s not part of a planned-out programme, designed to take you on a tennis-fitness journey.

It precisely why I’ve used my knowledge and experience from more than a decade of working with tennis players of all ages and abilities – including a former World Number 1 – to create a progressive programme that take players on a tennis-fitness journey.

So, to help your player stride onto the court with confidence, I want to share an exclusive performance-boosting routine that you can use for your next warm-up – and the best part? It’s on the house!

Propel to More Victories

In this guide, I’ll help navigate your player through each exercise, offering crystal-clear instructions

This routine isn’t just a warm-up; it’s a holistic approach that enhances your players’ Strength, Movement, Agility, Stability, and Coordination.

I’ve witnessed remarkable results with my junior players, propelling them to more victories and making them formidable opponents. 

No more pre-game jitters or guesswork – just your player, their game, and a warm-up that paves the way for triumph.

Ready to take your players’ game to the next level?

See How You Can Help Them Improve Their Game

Master the moves, and take an unprecedented level of confidence to the next game, leaving the competitors in awe.

Set the stage for victory – because every point starts before the ball is in play. Make sure it starts right.

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