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Tennis SuperMovers Footwork Challenge - October 2021

Tennis SuperMovers Footwork Challenge – October 2021

Each month we will be bringing you a footwork challenge to test your players. We will be posting it here on our blog as well as across our social media platforms Instagram YouTube and Twitter

The goal is to create a simple drill that can be completed on the tennis court and be easily timed to test yourself or your players. Then over the coming weeks, add this drill to  players’ warm-ups and fitness sessions, then re-time them to see the improvement they have made.

This month’s drill combines sprinting, backpedalling and change of direction, all to maintain the on-court speed. 


Place a marker 1m back from the baseline/doubles line.

Sprint diagonally to the service line/singles line

Backpedal to the baseline

Sprint to the opposite service line/single line

Backpedal through the baseline where you started


The time started when the passes through the baseline

the time is stopped when the re-pass through the baseline

Logging your time

Post your time below, or via our social media platforms using the links above!


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