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The Athlete Development Show - Tennis Fit

The Athlete Development Show – Tennis Fit

Podcast Blog – May 2021

Check out the podcast that I recently recorded, it is part of the Athlete Development Project created by leading coach and researcher, Craig Harrison.

Craig has a single goal – to help young athletes play the game they love without getting injured, overtraining or burning out.

His does this by combining research in biomechanics and physiology and in the science of motivation and how young people learn.

I really enjoyed this interview, as Craig was really interested in my backstory and life experiences. He questioned on how these elements have impacted my coaching process and practice.

Some of the topics I covered were:

The impact on me being late to physically mature.

How I formed my coaching philosophy which is: “I will use my professional knowledge and personal experiences to model and encourage high performance habits in training, mindset and lifestyle’.

The pros and cons of having an elitist mindset.

Using the concepts of battle preparation and rehearsal in sports performance.

You can listen to the podcast here:

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