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EOW 23 - Fix your tennis ready position

EOW 23 – Fix your tennis ready position

At the core of my coaching philosophy are the Integrated Tennis Shapes.

These are the fundamental shapes that lay the foundations of on-court movement.

These provide the right footwork and body work to build efficient and effective racket work.

With the shapes at the centre, the goal is to develop:

✅ Common language when speaking about on-court movement

✅ Observation skills – so everyone can view through a similar lens

✅ Intervention – If there is an issue, there is an agreement on what the root cause is, what needs to be done, how long it will take and who’s responsibility is it

In this example, we see the player not effectively rotating. She does not get deep enough with the leg and collapses forward – therefore presenting a ‘broken shape’.

Tactically you are trying to force your opponent into these broken shapes, to force an error or get a short ball to attack.

With a simple intervention of coaching the movement pattern, she is able to improve her shape and we are able to progress the drill into more dynamic versions.

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