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Exercise of the Week 10 - Fast Feet - Dot Drill

Exercise of the Week 10 - Fast Feet - Dot Drill

Exercise of the Week 10 – Fast Feet – Dot Drill

Quick feet are a huge asset to tennis players at all levels. Foot speed and coordination can be improved by performing drills that require strength, balance and explosiveness. There are many ways to improve footwork, including on-court drills, ladder drills, and jumping rope. 

It is often difficult to maintain a footwork-conditioning program for tennis players, especially when they are traveling. But this drill can be performed in a very small amount of space.

Tennis players must move in a variety of directions with accuracy, speed and coordination. A conditioning program to improve footwork must include a wide variety of movements. Single leg drills are particularly important to tennis players as they must often stop, balance, and shift the body weight in the opposite direction from a single leg. 

A lower body strength base is a prerequisite to effective movement training.  With a good strength base, tennis players can progress into low intensity plyometric training, these types of exercises should be performed 2-3 times per week.

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