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Grand Slam Shapes - Humble Squat

Grand Slam Shapes – Humble Squat

This week’s Exercise of the Week is the humble Squat. Here’s an example of two under 10 tennis players practising their Grand Slam shapes using the Tennis SuperMovers ‘At Home’ programme.

The Squat is a fundamental movement shape that rehearses the ability of a player to deal with low balls. The image shows recent US Open Champion Emma Radacanu dropping down into an athletic position to execute the most optimal shot possible. 

Emma has been working on her strength for years, and a recent training video shows her back squatting with 80kg. Within our tennis S&C training programme, this all starts with perfecting the movement pattern at a young age; starting with body weight only (SuperMovers ‘At Home’ programme), progressing to soft resistance (medicine balls, bands and broomsticks), then introducing true resistance training with dumbbells and barbells.

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