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Exercise of the Week 20 - Agility - Circle Tag

Exercise of the Week 20 – Agility – Circle Tag

This week’s Exercise of the Week is a super simple one – it’s called Circle Tag.

I use this drill to work on rapid lateral movement – players will use either shuffle steps or cross-over steps for a fast change of direction.

Here I have used rings to create the circle, but you could use cones, spots or throw down lines.

I’ll add this exercise in after working on footwork as a separate closed drill (no race or reaction), then I challenge the footwork in a high intensity competitive situation.

These type of closed drills make up a key component of the Tennis SuperMovers programme. We ensure that players master the fundamentals of tennis footwork – check it out here.

Have a great week, if you have any questions, or suggestions for Exercise of the Week, please email me direct at

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