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The First Steps to Junior Success

I’ve got to let you know about something that’s been gripping my attention. Just last night, sat on my couch with a highlighter in hand, I cracked open new a book. The author? None other than a former WTA player turned elite coach, who’s graced the courts with a ranking of 142 and has moulded top-20 players with her wisdom – Sandra Zaniewska

Now, she’s the mastermind behind the scenes at the prestigious Mouratoglou Tennis Academy, sculpting the future of the sport. And guess what? She’s penned a guide specifically for you, the tennis parents, to navigate the complex journey your young aces are embarking on.

Here’s where it gets interesting – the first serve she delivers in her book? A laser focus on the physical side of tennis. The opening chapters are a deep dive into body awareness, laying a robust physical foundation, and the ever-crucial topic of injury prevention. 

Each page resonating with the importance of a tennis-tailored physical routine.

She insists on the significance of tennis-specific fitness knowledge. She’s rallying for exercises that aren’t just generic gym routines, but bespoke moves designed to amp up your child’s game while slashing the risk of side-lining injuries.

It struck a chord with me, because that’s precisely the reason why the SuperMovers Player Programme came into existence. To create a fitness playbook for your juniors that’s as specialised as a drop shot on a clay court. 

This programme is a culmination of countless hours on the court with hundreds of juniors, absorbing insights from Grand Slam champions, and distilling it into a fitness formula that’s second to none.

Imagine your young player, armed with a fitness routine that’s as fine-tuned as their forehand. A programme where every lunge, sprint, and twist is crafted with the sole purpose of elevating their game and keeping them healthy match after gruelling match. That’s what SuperMovers is all about.

This isn’t just training. It’s a transformation – from a promising junior to a powerhouse on the court, and it’s all rooted in a physical foundation.

So here’s my volley to you: If you’re on the hunt for a programme that understands the unique demands of a junior tennis player’s body, if you’re seeking a routine that’s been moulded by the sweat and success of the sport’s finest, then look no further than the SuperMovers Player Programme.

Don’t let your child’s potential be a ‘what if’ story. Make it a ‘watch them soar’ reality. Click the link below and let’s get your junior on the path to tennis triumph with a fitness routine that’s a grand slam in the making.

Elevate Your Junior’s Game with SuperMovers

Remember, every champion’s journey starts with a single step. Make sure it’s a step in the right direction.

Your dedicated fitness coach and doubles partner in success,


P.S. This isn’t just about fitness; it’s about giving your child the competitive edge that others only dream of. Join the SuperMovers family today and let’s start writing your junior’s victory story.

Unleash Their Potential with SuperMovers

PPS – The book is titled – Raising Champions: The Ultimate Guide for Tennis Parents


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