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If you are not assessing, you are guessing!

If you are not assessing, you are guessing!

In this short video, Howard discusses the importance of assessing your players’ strengths and areas for development – as the saying goes ‘if you are not assessing, you are guessing’.

The building blocks of athletic movement – Fundamental Movement Patterns and Skills –  are explained and how these underpin the Integrated Tennis Shapes championed by Tennis SuperMovers which enhance the chances of success on-court.

Howard discusses the meaning of Position, Pattern, Power and Transfer with reference to the the physical preparation of tennis players for competitions and tournaments.

Finally, he shows you what a Physical Competency Assessment Report would look like for a player working with us as part of a high performance tennis centre with the aim of creating SuperMovers! 

We hope you enjoy the talk and find the information useful! If you have any questions, just email Howard at

Check out the the podcast: The Athlete Development Show 

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