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Royal Marine Commando to Tennis SuperMovers

Royal Marine Commando to Tennis SuperMovers

Podcast Blog – April 2021 

This week saw my latest podcast chat go live with Kris Soutar who produces the popular ‘Tennis Journal’ podcast. We discussed how my previous experience in the military shapes many parts of my coaching every day. 

One key focus for me is accountability and how this can affect a player’s match play and results. Daily routines, habits and consistency help provide young players with the right platform so they can being accountable for themselves during a match and keep the right mindset.

In everyday training, try setting some targets for your players, such as always being punctual for sessions, have their water bottle filled, have the right equipment with them, eg, bands to warm up their shoulders. 

It may sound small but these really set the foundation for a professional accountable attitude for their tennis career.

For more insights from me, take a listen below and feel free to get involved in the conversation online over on the SuperMovers social channels. Let me know what you think!

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“Listened to your podcast episode with Howard this morning. I love seeing how he has clarified his thoughts and beliefs over the years, and I thought it was a really excellent episode. Sounded like a relaxed, informal chat about Coaching with golden nuggets from you both. Great stuff.”

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