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SuperMovers Facebook Community Group

SuperMovers Facebook Community Group

Hi SuperMovers,

I want to share some exciting news with you….we have set up a new community group on Facebook just for Tennis SuperMovers members! As you know, I am passionate about helping people, and this, for me, comes in the form of coaching, mentoring or educating.

At SuperMovers we want to engage education and empower tennis players, parents and coaches, and I feel bringing people together in this group will be a great way to connect and help achieve this.

The goals of the group are:

* Allow me to answer any of your questions about the SuperMovers programme

* Help you with any areas you need to progress your athlete journey

* Connect like-minded people who are interested in athlete development for young tennis players

* For us to provide on-going eduction on long-term athlete development 

* Allow us to ask you ways on which we can improve the programme

* Hear first about and receive special offers on any new SuperMovers projects, products or updates

It would be awesome to have you with us, simply hit the link below

Join Here

If you do have any additional questions about the group, just drop me an email at


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