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Exercise of the Week 22 - Coordination - Ball roll between the legs

Exercise of the Week 22 – Coordination – Ball roll between the legs

This week’s Exercise of the Week is an exercise direct from the Tennis SuperMovers at Home programme. It falls into the Honing Coordination exercise stream, which is one part of the SMASH Curriculum, which includes:

Strength, Movement, Agility, Stability, Honing Coordination – to go into a bit more detail on these elements, check out the blog on the 5 building blocks to tennis fitness success – here

The above video show a small group of under 10 players using a wall at the side of the court. The goal of the exercise is to work on sending and receiving skills. You have to accurately feed the ball, while tracking the ball to adjust your movement, to allow the ball to roll between the legs.

Then you will get a sneak peek at what this exercises looks like within the SuperMovers at Home content. You will see how each exercise is thoroughly explained and coached, before completing the exercise together in a follow-along workout format.

We’ve had so many awesome testimonials from players, parents and coaches about the programme, check them out below.

Player – “I really enjoy Tennis SuperMovers exercises as they are easy to follow and easily fit into my schedule.”  – Annabel W.

Parent – “Tennis SuperMovers has helped my daughter to stay active and motivated. I highly recommend the programme to all young athletes.” – Ann W.

Coach – “Since using the Tennis SuperMovers programme in my warm-ups, players are focused and ready to move from the very first ball.” – Jake T.

If you’re interested in taking a closer look at the programme we use with international competing junior players, head here .

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