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Global Tennis Footwork Challenge from SuperMovers

Global Tennis Footwork Challenge from SuperMovers

SuperMovers Footwork Challenge 

Welcome to the December challenge!

Each month some of the top tennis fitness coaches in the world will set a new challenge.

For December it is the 4 Cone Drill from me – Howard Green!

How to:

  • Set up a cone 2 metres from the net and on each singles/service line.
  • Scroll through the video for the explanation of how to complete the drill.
  • The time starts and stops on the baseline. I have used electronic timing gates from but you can use a stopwatch.

Some times recorded already are:

Under 12 – 8.9sec
Under 14 – 8.12sec
Under 16 – 8.32sec

What time have you got!!?

Take a video of you or your players in action and tag in @howardgreensupermovers on Instagram and use the hashtag


Good luck!

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