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Exercise of the Week 05 - Orientation Drill

Exercise of the Week 05 – Orientation Drill

Hi Guys,

This weeks exercises comes from the SuperMovers Agility library, it would fit into a Multi-Direction training session. The goals are to work on orientating the body in the air and moving backwards. This would help players when dealing with movement to a deep ball and after the serve too.

I have included  footage of me coaching some of our younger players during a session, so you can see how I coach the drill. The other footage is taken from our SuperMovers At Home programme, which allows players to train at home of by the court, to improve their tennis athleticism. As you can see you can work on key areas of you physical development in a small area, Check out Tennis SuperMovers Programme for more info.

If you have any requests for upcoming Exercises of the Week then email

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See you next week – have a great one!


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