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How I train Professional Players

Ever wondered what it takes to transform a budding tennis player into a pro? Well, I’ve got a story to share with you. It’s about a new professional tennis player I’ve just started coaching, a seasoned athlete preparing for the grass court season, with his sights set high on Wimbledon. Like a well-strung racket, this […]

The Unspoken Truth About Tennis Injuries (and How to Avoid Them!)

This past weekend, I ran an intriguing poll on Instagram.  The question?  “Where are the most common injuries in tennis?” The options were upper body, lower body, and trunk/core. And you know what? The results were fascinating. 66% of you believed that the upper body was the most vulnerable to injuries. 29% thought the lower […]

Your Magic Wand for Tennis Fitness is Here!

Last week, I ran a poll on my Instagram story that left me inspired, but not surprised. The question asked was simple: “If you had a tennis fitness magic wand, what would be your wish?” The options were: Fitter, Faster, Stronger, and More Agile. The responses flooded in, and the results were: Fitter: 30%. Faster: […]

SuperMover Pro Player is World Ranking Milestone

I’m bursting with pride and excitement as I write this email. It’s about Marni Banks, a phenomenal tennis player who just hit a milestone of ranking in the Top 250 in the world! But let’s rewind to 13 years ago. Marni, then an eager 8-year-old, was as keen on the tennis court as she was on the […]

🎾Debunking the Myth: Does Expensive Equipment Make You a Better Player? 🤔

Today, I want to dive into a hot topic that often gets tossed around the court: Does expensive equipment really make you a better player? It’s a question that has sparked countless debates among tennis enthusiasts, parents, and players alike. But let’s break it down, shall we? First off, let’s address the elephant in the […]

The Fitness Edge You Can’t Afford to Miss

Are you ready to take your child’s game to the next level?  As parents, we invest in our children’s tennis dreams – from coaching to gear, we spare no expense. But there’s one crucial investment often overlooked: fitness. Let me share a story that struck a chord with me, and I’m sure it will resonate […]

The Intensity of Training: Elevate Your Child’s Tennis Journey

I hope this email finds you well, whether you’re cheering on your young athletes courtside or stealing a moment to recharge. I recently stumbled upon a fascinating story that I believe resonates deeply with the journey many of us are on with our tennis-loving kids. Imagine this: A parent sharing the inspiring tale of their […]

Turn Screen Time Into Champion Time With Tennis SuperMovers!

As we dive into another week, I find myself reflecting on a common scene in many of our homes: our kids, eyes glued to screens, absorbed in the latest viral video or gaming adventure. It’s a sign of the times, right? But what if I told you there’s a way to pivot this screen time […]

Unleash Your Player’s Full Potential This Season!

Imagine a half-term break unlike any other, where players from every corner of the UK converge on a single mission: to unlock their true athletic potential on the tennis court. Last week, I had the distinct pleasure of welcoming a host of young talents to my academy, each one eager for a transformative experience. These […]

The Secret Ingredient to Tennis Greatness (Hint: It’s Not What You Think!)

I hope this message finds you somewhere between celebrating an ace and searching for that rogue tennis ball that always seems to disappear into thin air.  Today, I’m reaching out not to talk about the next big tournament or the latest technique to perfect your child’s backhand. Instead, I want to share a little secret […]


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