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I’ve got a story to share that unfolded recently and made me rethink the whole warm-up game.  I was at the academy, nice and early shooting some new content for the SuperMovers Programme. On the court next to me I spotted a young player and his mum completing a warm-up prior to them doing some […]

Setting Kids Up for Tennis Success: A Coach’s Perspective 

Today I want to touch on a topic that’s near and dear to my heart: setting our young tennis stars up for success right from the get-go. You see, the journey to tennis greatness doesn’t begin when your kid first steps onto the court. It starts way before that, at the very foundation of their tennis adventure. […]

The First Steps to Junior Success

I’ve got to let you know about something that’s been gripping my attention. Just last night, sat on my couch with a highlighter in hand, I cracked open new a book. The author? None other than a former WTA player turned elite coach, who’s graced the courts with a ranking of 142 and has moulded […]

SMASH Your Way to Tennis Success!

Yesterday, I had a courtside conversation that might just be the game-changer for your junior player. Picture this: the tennis courts were buzzing with the sounds of players working hard and the sight of determination on their faces, chasing down every ball. Amid this, a concerned parent approached me with questions about their child’s physical […]

Why Technique Matters

Picture your favourite tennis player in action. What captivates you? The seamless dance across the court, the perfect rhythm of the strokes, and the finesse in every movement – that’s the magic of technique. So Why Does Technique Matter So Much? Imagine wielding a paintbrush without understanding the strokes needed to create a masterpiece. Similarly, […]

Unlock Your Potential – Don’t Let Technique Hold You Back!

I’m here to share a story that unfolded in the gym just yesterday—a conversation that might just redefine your approach to tennis tournaments and preparation. You see, I was chatting with one of my up-and-coming young players. But despite her talent, her tournament calendar was looking empty.  When I probed why she wasn’t booking more […]

Don’t Let Pre-Match Chaos Sabotage Your Game

I’ve got to let you know about something that unfolded right before my eyes yesterday at the tournament being hosted at my academy. It’s a lesson that might just change the way you think about pre-match prep forever. I was coaching one of my tennis players under the balcony, because all the courts were being […]

Reflecting on a Year of Tennis Triumphs…

As the year draws to a close, I hope you’ve had a fantastic time cherishing those special moments! It’s been a year filled with challenges, victories, and countless hours of tennis excitement. If you’re still as passionate about propelling your player’s tennis journey to new heights, I’ve got some thrilling news to share with you […]

The Turning Point: From Reluctant Trainee to Fitness Dynamo

I’d like to tell you about a massive win I had with an inconsistent player, it’s a story that might have a big impact on your own player’s training approach. So, picture this: I’m a seasoned tennis fitness coach, and I’ve seen all sorts of players., from the naturally gifted to the hard grafters, but […]

Last Chance Before the Bells Ring…

Hope you’re still basking in the festive glow and enjoying every moment!   Are you passionate about your player’s tennis?  Then let’s talk about a game-changer that will help you overcome the challenges and keep the excitement alive and kicking – introducing Tennis SuperMovers! Whether you’re looking to enhance skills, overcome hurdles, or simply revel in the […]


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